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The Keynote speaker is the president of the Korean Students Association at the New York State University at Buffalo, Inha Jung, whom, on behalf of her fellow countrymen thank the American veterans for the sacrifices that they made to keep their country safe and free.
Acknowledging and honoring these Jewish, Hispanic, and African American veterans is an historic step, and a significant milestone in recognizing the contributions of minority servicemen in our nation's armed services.
In closing, may I remind you all to visit that American veteran in one of those Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals or nursing homes around the nation and thank them for their service and for being one of the American team!
Tomic booked a four set victory 3-6 6-3 7-6(3) 6-3 over the American Querrey in that match, but the American veteran remains a tough opponent nonetheless.
First, it is a transitional housing and case-management operation for qualifying, honorably discharged American veterans in need of housing and case management assistance.
One of the American veterans visiting the gravesites of his fallen comrades pointed at the white crosses and white Stars of David and remarked, "The world must never forget why they have died here." That veteran, who was fortunate to have dodged the Nazi bombs and bullets while landing on Omaha Beach that day had, with a few simple words, expressed the feelings and sentiments of many of us.
Adensam has made it her life's mission to positively impact as many disabled American veterans' lives as she can.
If you are an American veteran and would like further information regarding the Investing in America campaign, please go to the following:
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