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AVDSAmerican Veterinary Dental Society
AVDSAutomatic Variable Damping System (Kawasaki)
AVDSAutomated Vulnerability Detection System
AVDSAir Vehicle Diagnostic System
AVDSAviation Depot Squadron
AVDSAkademischer Verein der Senioren (German: Academic Association of the Elderly)
AVDSAir Cooled, V-engine configuration, Diesel, Superturbocharged (engine used in main battle tanks prior to the M1 tank)
AVDSAudiovisual Display System
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In celebration of National Pet Dental Month, as set by the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Dental Society, Pet Dental Services has stressed the importance of pet dental care to owners and pet lovers alike.
The result is that 70 percent of cats show signs of periodontal disease--a progressive infection of tissue surrounding the teeth--by the ripe age of three years, the American Veterinary Dental Society reports.
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