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The American War of Independence, also known as the American Revolutionary War is considered to be a major step towards achieving Unites States' independence.
Matthew Zembo's doctoral research proposal was War from the Side of Canada: British Military Operations on the Northern Frontier during the American War of Independence 1775-1783.
Tevelyan, English historians have written many excellent accounts of the American War of Independence.
But Mel's American War of Independence character was really a cold-blooded killer and rapist, says an expert.
By including letters, petitions, and allied items penned by the Sierra Leone settlers, the editors draw attention to an important but often neglected aspect of black history: the scheme to relocate the "Black Poor" living in England in the 1780s to Sierra Leone, the small West African colony that resulted, and the addition of a large community sent from Canada, consisting of former American slaves who fought for the British army during the American War of Independence and ended up helping to found the West African colony.
The Quakers' experience of mediation and peace-work stretches through three centuries from the colonization of North America, through the American War of Independence and the Crimean War, to the Nigerian civil war, the independence of Zimbabwe and conflicts in today's headlines.
1777: The British, under General Howe, beat the Americans commanded by George Washington at the battle of Brandywine Creek in the American War of Independence.
The Bonhomme Richard struck fear into many when it terrorised our waters during the American War of Independence.
1775: In Lexington, the opening shot was fired - by a British general - in the American War of Independence.
Wentworth (1737-1820) was a prominent figure and amongst the wealthiest of men in the British colony of New Hampshire, being appointed Governor from 1766 until the American War of Independence which forced him to leave for England sometime in 1778.
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