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AWPIAmerican Wood Preservers Institute
AWPIAboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative (Canada)
AWPIAustralian Water Polo, Inc.
AWPIAmerican Water Purification, Inc.
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A 1981 study funded by the American Wood Preservers Institute (AWPI) of Fairfax, Virginia, the lobbying arm of the pressure-treated wood industry, found "no adverse health effects or increased incidence of mortality" in a group of industry workers in Hawaii.
The January 20 decision comes after a long battle by the American Wood Preservers Institute (AWPI) and reaffirms the preservative's safety and environmental friendliness.
The folks at the Southern Pine Council, Treated Wood Council, and the American Wood Preservers Institute (AWPI) see no practical reason for a phase out, but they have portrayed their cooperation with the EPA as a way to appease public misperceptions, not an apology.
Meanwhile, the American Wood Preservers Institute, Fairfax, Virginia, was planning to file a lawsuit challenging the rule.
That should give builders and consumers a lot of confidence," said Scott Ramminger, president of the American Wood Preservers Institute (AWPI).
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