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AZMAcademisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht (Dutch: Maastricht University Hospital; Maastricht, Netherlands)
AZMAcetazolamide (also seen as AZA)
AZMAmerican Zionist Movement (New York, NY)
AZMAdoral Zone of Membranelles
AZMAzeri Manat (Azerbaijan currency)
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org/herbert-block-named-director) new executive director of the American Zionist Movement (AZM), says he wants to "rebrand" Zionism.
2) Given the paramount position that Schiff, along with Louis Marshall and others of their circle held in the American Jewish community before and during the war, their conflict with the American Zionist movement over relief distribution in Palestine and the raising of the question of Jewish political sovereignty in a time of war deepened the fracture in the American Jewish leadership and delayed unified American Jewish support for political Zionism.
One hundred years on, the American Zionist movement is still celebrating and glorifying the Balfour Declaration.
The American Zionist movement has been struggling to adapt to social justice-focused young people in recent years, and Israel and the BDS campaign have become a heated topic on many college campuses.
10) Silver, an extraordinarily popular rabbi in Cleveland, was then a leading figure in the American Zionist movement.
As an economist and moralist Brandeis warned in 1914 that banking and stock brokering must be separate, and at age 58 he became the head of the American Zionist movement.
The American Zionist Movement (AZM) renamed the World Zionist Organization (WZO) Congress, the Congress of the Jewish People this past summer.
It will seek to explore on the one hand the shared interpretation of events that existed among the press and the American Zionist movement, and on the other the competitive posture that existed between the Zionists and the SD.
Following a fierce internal battle over the goals of the ascendant American Zionist movement and the insistence of the masses for greater democratization in communal life, Marshall even became a spokesman for the post-World War I plans of the AJC's organizational rival, the American Jewish Congress.
Zionist monthly, The Maccabaean, exploring how it presented Zionist ideas to the fledgling American Zionist movement and how, in turn, it reflected the perspective of the emerging movement.
In 1914 Brandeis assumed leadership of the American Zionist movement, notwithstanding the opinion of many that adherence to Zionism conflicted with a total and undivided commitment to America.
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