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AMBIAmerican Bittern (birds)
AMBIAlden March Bioethics Institute (est. 2005; Albany, NY)
AMBIAlliance of Multicultural Bisexuals (Washington, DC)
AMBIA Marine Biotic Index
AMBIAdvanced Methods for Building Diagnostics and Maintenance (EU project)
AMBIAssociation of Merchant Bankers of India (Securities Exchange Board of India)
AMBIAcute Multiple Brain Infarction
AMBIAssociação Médica Brasileira Iridologia
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American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus).--Butler (1898) noted that this species was a summer resident at suitable localities, especially in northern Indiana.
The two birds are the American bittern, and the Pied-billed grebe.
The exhibit features four colorful habitat dioramas with corresponding taxidermy birds, including the Red Knot, Bobolink, Red-Headed Woodpecker, and the American Bittern. When visitors enter, they will be greeted by a short introductory video with commentary from environmentalists, researchers, and bird watchers.
Another distinctive call you are likely to hear in the Fern Ridge area is the "oonk-a-lunk" of the American Bittern.
The 2017 Montrose haul featured cattle egret, snowy egret, western grebe, piping plover, laughing gull, American bittern, lark sparrow, scissor-tailed flycatcher, Bell's vireo, Kentucky warbler, summer tanager and yellow-headed blackbird.
Lynch and fellow bird counter Tim Spahr "got" an American bittern, and Bonnie and Tom "got" a meadowlark and a bald eagle in their sector in the Sturbridge circle on Monday.
I was in search of the American Bittern, a secretive wading bird whose camouflaged plumage allows it to go unnoticed among the emergent vegetation at the pond's edge.
The land in the legacy project is 90 percent forested and is home to eight documented rare species, including the American bittern and the harpoon clubtail dragonfly.
The abundance of purple loosestrife in New York's non-wooded wetlands might explain why marsh-dependent birds such as the black tern, least bittern, American bittern, pied-billed grebe, Virginia rail and sora have declined during the last 30 years.
There are 120 nesting birds on the property, 12 miles of trails, and there have been sightings of bobcat, moose, American Bittern and 2,000 other species, Mrs.
Is that an American bittern camouflaged by cattails?
The company planned to create several dozen house lots, displacing at least three endangered and rare species: the American bittern, Blanding's turtle and the four-toed salamander.
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