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Constituting the bulk of the volume, the documents presented in this reader by Malsberger (history, Muhlenberg College) and Marshall (economics, Muhlenberg College) have largely been selected to provide a window into the debates and views of significant figures at pivotal moments in American economic history. Thus the opening section on mercantilism and the colonial economy, while including the Navigation Act of 1660 and the 1663 Charter of Carolina, also includes Adam Smith's "Of Colonies" and British Member of Parliament Thomas Whateley's letter on the Stamp Act of 1765, which he was responsible for drafting.
Third, central banking is suspiciously downplayed for a book on American economic history co-authored by the second longest-serving chairman of the Fed.
This is American economic history as the nation's first secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, would have liked to have seen it written.
For example, the typical survey of American economic history devotes dozens of pages to western expansion, and the Westward Movement is considered one of the defining characteristics of America's story.
As we head into the autumn of this contentious election year, it's a great time to reflect upon what worked and what didn't in the wake of some of the most tumultuous upheavals in American economic history.
American economic history has proven time and again that the rich cannot be trusted to "run" an economy.
Despite those shortcomings, On the Brink, is an engaging and informative account of a difficult period in American economic history.
Students, workers and politicians urged Velasco to spend that money, but the minister, a student of Latin American economic history, resisted their calls.
We have reached the Viagra Age in American economic history. The President's stimulus package is essentially as artificial and unsatisfying as any device ever conceived to replace natural motivation and drive.
Puth, American Economic History (London, 1993), pp.
A very highly recommended addition to academic library collections, "The Sugar Masters" is especially recommended reading for students in the disciplines of Black History, American History, Louisiana History, and American Economic History.
It provides access to articles, academic papers, discussions and book reviews on several American economic history topics.
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