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Those were discouraging times in American literature, but Poe never lost faith.
I do not believe that 'Typee' will ever lose its position as a classic of American Literature. The pioneer in South Sea romance- -for the mechanical descriptions of earlier voyagers are not worthy of comparison--this book has as yet met with no superior, even in French literature; nor has it met with a rival in any other language than the French.
For instance, Ruppert offers possible comparisons between Native American narratives and traditional texts, like those of Benjamin Franklin and Cotton Mather, to create a more complete picture of early American literature; contributor Sharon Harris also uses this technique when teaching early women's writings.
"The Oxford Companion to African American Literature" is significant for its illuminating information and cothpellin2 contribution to the study of 'African-American literature, this volume is so essential that it must be consulted along with "The Norton Anthology of African American literature" to deftly explore and understand the literary canon.
Since the 1970s, Borders has divided its inventory of literary books into three sections: general literature, African American literature, and gay and lesbian literature.
In fact, early Native American literature has received scant attention and most of that has come in the last ten years, which makes it not very old at all.
In 1960, though they were to die shortly after, Hemingway and Faulkner were still alive, and dominated American literature with the extreme idiosyncrasies of their styles, idiosyncrasies that seem to have disappeared to a large extent from American prose style.
They were aristocrats, steeped in foreign culture, active as professors at Harvard College, and interested in creating an American literature based on foreign models.
In their relentless politicization of literary studies, Shaw argues, this new generation of critics misinterprets American literature in one of two ways.
Thomas Becknell is a professor of American literature at Bethel College in Minnesota and has a passionate love of the north woods.
But there is a more general point that his work illustrates, which is that even at this late date American literature and thought have not yet made their peace with middle-class life.
When Hana Wirth-Nesher and I put together The Cambridge Companion to Jewish American Literature over a decade ago, there really weren't any monumental predecessors for us to measure ourselves against, and snootily to turn our backs on.
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