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EUROPE'S engine stalled last night with a couple of unexpected reverses and they are still a long way short of the ten points they will need to have on the board to have a realistic chance of staving off the traditional American singles superiority tomorrow, writes Jeremy Chapman.
Not only that, but when Wannabe reached No1 in the American singles chart last month, the girls became the first act to top the US charts since Seal's Kiss From A Rose two years ago.
WORCESTER -- Erin Hamlin made history as the first American singles luge athlete to win an Olympic medal, earning the bronze this year in Sochi, Russia.
In 2010, we reduced sodium levels in our Velveeta and Kraft American Singles brands.
While other reality show winners have struggled to maintain their early success, Leona hit the No1 slot in the American singles and album charts.
At least 200 young American singles will sink new roots in Israel in coming weeks, part of a drive that will bring about 1,500 North American Jews to live in the Holy Land through the Nefesh B'Nefesh organization acting in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel.
With about a month left to find a date for New Year's Eve, pressure is mounting for American singles who would rather pair up with someone special than face the evening alone.
The new cheeses are American Singles, Colby Sticks, Mexican Shred, Parmesan Shred, and Colby Bars.
But I'm not sure the British song will win the contest, but then neither did Gina G and she went on to be the biggest-selling Eurovision song in the American singles chart.
You heard it here first - the Spice Girls went to number one in the American singles chart yesterday.
They are already at the top of the American singles chart, the first British group since the Spice Girls to get a US No.
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