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The American ways of doing business sometimes puzzles many people around the globe.
Because we are not only protecting our lives, we are protecting our American way of life.
The Native American way is so simple and spiritual in all ways that it fits well and works with youth.
The prejudice against the foreign-born was turned against each new wave of immigrants in the very years when these immigrants needed help to learn the language and American ways in order to move out of the ghettos in which they tended to concentrate at their first arrival.
Though Brandeis was replaced as head of the ZOA by men who were more capable of working with Weizmann, his identification of Zionism with the American way of life would in fact continue to be promoted in the United States.
In the new introduction to this second edition, Metcalf and Huntington report that Marcus and Fisher find their discussion of American ways of death relies too heavily on "secondary sources" like Mitford.
But People for the American Way's John Buchanan told a conference in June that Falwell's "Stop Anti-Christian Bigotry" letter "has more errors on page one than I have made in my whole life."
Our server had been well-trained in the North American ways. He was friendly, chatty and seemed genuinely happy to see us.
What makes us angry about the Fil-Am woman in the video is how she presumes to be Filipino, or to represent something distinctly Filipino, but we see her American ways as a rejection of ours.
Bit by bit, Eduardo, who arrives in the summer, gets accustomed to American ways, all the while looking forward to Christmas.
As Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, he starred alongside Tom Selleck, mocking private investigator Magnum's brash American ways. He practised his accent by listening to a recording of Laurence Olivier reciting Hamlet and once received a fan letter from the UK describing him as "a credit to the Empire".
In the exhibition, artwork reflects these ideas and other traditions specific to American ways of life, including the association of the Thanksgiving holiday with football, the quarterback as American hero, and the sport as a rite of passage.
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