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AFTAASEAN Free Trade Area
AFTAAustralian Federation of Travel Agents
AFTAAir Force Training Academy (gaming)
AFTAAmericans for the Arts
AFTAASEAN Free Trade Association (less common)
AFTAAssociation for Temperate Agroforestry
AFTAAmerican Family Therapy Association
AFTAApatite Fission Track Analysis (Geotrack International Pty. Ltd.)
AFTAArts for the Aging, Inc.
AFTAAft Frame Tilt Actuator (NASA)
AFTAAdvanced First Term Avionics
AFTAAvionics Fault Tree Analyzer
AFTAAcoustic Fatigue Test Article
AFTAAlberta Forest Technologists Association (Canada)
AFTAAssociate of the Federation of Tax Advisers (UK)
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But the "Arts & Economic Prosperity Study" conducted by Americans for the Arts, a nonprofit advocacy group, tells a different story.
Americans for the Arts will complete the economic impact analysis and report on the findings in June 2012.
Americans for the Arts is preparing to launch its latest national study, Arts & Economic Prosperity IV.
Americans for the Arts encourages the collaboration of public art professionals, government officials, city planners, artists and designers in this growing field that merges art with the natural and built environment.
The current national work of A&BC will become the Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts, while A&BC's New York-centric work will continue as the Arts & Business Council of New York.
For more information on the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, visit www.
According to Americans for the Arts, a national organization working to empower communities with the resources and support necessary to provide access to all of the arts for all people, this event has become the country's largest annual collective celebration of the arts and humanities.
Americans for the Arts, with offices in Washington and New York, is the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America.
Americans for the Arts is an advocacy organization whose goals include increasing public and private support for the arts and ensuring children's access to a high-quality arts education.
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