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Integration abilities, flexibility, security and ROI led the list of determining factors in AmiPro's decision.
The ISYS program "reads" every word of every text file and can index over 70 file formats, including Adobe Acrobat PDF; ASCII; AmiPro; dBASE III Plus and IV; IBM DisplayWrite; Microsoft PowerPoint;
I am also on e-mail as, and by that route can also receive attached files in Word 6, Rich Text, Lotus AmiPro and ASCII, but can you please say in the covering note which system you are sending any attached files in, to save me hunting them all over the machine's iron brain."
DTORG will allow users of Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and AmiPro users to use its address book for mail-merging purposes.
Other features include mail merge directly to WordPerfect or AmiPro, automatic phone dialing and logging, faxing with Delrina's WinFax Pro, expense logging, E-mail, and the ability to operate on various networks.
Goldfarb also affirmed that SGML is moving into the mainstream, with SGML products available or in progress from WordPerfect, Lotus AmiPro, Interleaf, Frame, and Microsoft.
"With AmiPro [SmartSuite's word processing application], you can have several folks working on one document such that when it comes your way, you can see what changes another person has made and decide if you want to approve or disapprove them, or how you want to bring them into the document," he says.
With most of today's Windows word processors--such as AmiPro, Word and WordPerfect--you can transfer or link spreadsheet tables to your documents.
Yet, for software that uses the GUI style popularized by Windows, Wordperfect is fighting a tough battle with Microsoft's word-processing program called Word and Lotus Development Corp.'s AmiPro.