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AMIDAAutoantibody Mediated Identification of Antigens
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A determinacao da dose oral segura e a aparente estimulacao do sistema imunologico promovido em frangos de corte, aliadas as propriedades biologicas e farmacologicas da piperina ja demonstradas em mamiferos, incentivam o estudo dessa amida nesse modelo animal (PIYACHATURAWAT et al, 1983; GUPTA et al.
Por tanto estos farmacos tipo amida se metabolizan en el higado y no en la sangre y no forman acido paraaminobenzoico por lo que su capacidad alergizante es mucho menor.
1995) ha resultado ser menor a la que se reporta en la literatura para otros agentes compatibilizantes obtenidos a partir de monomeros como el anhidrido maleico o las amidas (Liu et al.
63) Julia "recognized" that salvation by God, the only Creator of the whole universe, was more satisfying than salvation by Amida, a mere man.
Is Amida Buddha a divine manifestation in whom one might actually take refuge?
Back in 1983 Webster, formerly of Hatching Green, Herts, admitted making a bogus insurance claim after _ a burglary at his computer firm, Amida Systems Ltd.
For what happened at a Monophysite stronghold called Amida, modern Diyarbakir not many miles east of Alahan, we have the accounts of the historian John of Ephesus, who wrote in Syriac, the language of the countryside which resented the Greek speakers in the cities with their borrowed culture.
Past acquisitions have included PPM of France, O&K Mining of Germany, Baraga Products, American Crane, Simon Access, Payhauler, Italmacchine and Amida Industries.
They included four MOUs for the development of ammonium, dimethyl form amida and acyro methyl industries signed between PT Pupuk Kaltim and Mitsui Chemical Industry, two MOUs between PT Pusri and Nissho Iwai for the development of aceptic acid industry and ammonia caprolactam industry and one MOU between Medco and Mitsui Chemical Industry for the development of petrochemical industry.
Similarly, if we accept the evidence of the above-mentioned letter, we note that Lazar selected Amida (with its hellenized Syrian ambience) as his place of refuge until it was possible for him to return to Armenia.
Principal battles: sieges of Nisibis (Musaybin) (337, 344, 349); Singara (Sinjar) (344 or 348); siege of Amida (Diyarbakir) (358); Ctesiphon (363).
Its aim is rebirth of the devout soul in the Western Paradise of the Amida (Sans, Amitabha; Chin, A - mi - t ' o ) Buddha.