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At a word from Zobeida, Sadie and Amina took the basket from the porter, who was glad enough to be relieved from its weight; and when it was emptied, paid him handsomely for its use.
Then they all sat down to table, which had been covered by Amina with the dishes she had bought.
After the first few mouthfuls Amina poured some wine into a golden cup.
Let him stay," said Amina, who had before proved herself his friend.
This being settled, Amina brought in supper, and lit up the hall with a number of sweet smelling tapers.
Zobeida and Amina made some difficulty about admitting the new comers, and Sadie knew the reason of their hesitation.
When they had finished Zobeida rose from her seat, and, taking Amina by the hand, she said to her, "My sister, our friends will excuse us if we seem to forget their presence and fulfil our nightly task.
Shortly after Amina entered carrying a seat, which she put down in the middle of the empty space.
At these words Amina fetched a lute from a case of yellow satin and gave it to Sadie, who sang several songs to its accompaniment.
Amina spoke when she met Vocational and Technical Training heads.
However, the family received good news after Amina was admitted to the Alliance Girls High School making her dream come true.
An appendix provides references and statistics to back up each event, showing that Amina, her family, and friends are individual cases among thousands: 23% of female Syrian refugees are child brides, only 33% of the 480,000 Syrian children are enrolled in school.