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Medical treatment with ketoconazole or aminoglutethimide was administered in a short period (a few months) in certain patients, but their results and data were not enough to be discussed here.
Aminoglutethimide normalizes urinary free cortisol in patients 50% of the time (Greenberg, 2001).
Aminoglutethimide in treatment of metastatic breast carcinoma.
Medical agents for treating Cushing's syndrome Adrenal steroidogenesis Drugs modulating ACTH release inhibitors from the pituitary Metyrapone Dopamine agonists Ketoconazole Somatostatin analogues Mitotane Cyproheptadine Aminoglutethimide Ritanserine Trilostane Sodium valproate Etomidate PPAR agonists
6] Niacin [up arrow] antagonists (c) Azauridine [up arrow] Isoniazid ND Theophylline [up arrow] Hcy production Adenosine analogs [down arrow] Creatine [down arrow] (d) L-Dopa [up arrow] Sulfhydryl compounds D-Penicillamine [down arrow] N-Acetylcysteine [down arrow] Mesna [down arrow] Sex steroids and Estrogens [down arrow] related compounds (postmenopausal) Androgens ([up arrow]) Tamoxifen [down arrow] Aminoglutethimide [up arrow] Other Betaine [down arrow] Cyclosporin A [up arrow] Simvastatin [down arrow] Fibrates [up arrow] Diuretics [up arrow] Class Possible mechanism Refs.
2] agonist bronchodilator clenbuterol, and aminoglutethimide.
A possible role of"steroidogenic factor" in the corticoidogenic response to ACTH; effect of ACTH, cycloheximide and aminoglutethimide on the content of cholesterol in the outer and inner mitochondrial membrane of rat adrenal cortex.
The first generation drug, aminoglutethimide, has been used for two decades (1), and currently several new, more potent and specific drugs have been developed (2).
Only one small study has compared the long-term effects of aminoglutethimide to placebo treatment in the adjuvant setting (14).
In the present study, we explored possible effects of aminoglutethimide treatment on plasma tHcy in patients suffering from advanced breast cancer.