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AIHLAminoglycoside-Induced Hearing Loss
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If you determine that a patient's first-degree relative has experienced an aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss, this is a clear suggestion that perhaps the patient should not receive an aminoglycoside.
Roland: Therapeutic doses of aspirin might protect patients from aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss, but the data implicating high-dose salicylates in hearing loss are pretty solid.
Biochemistry and pharmacology of aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.
The odds ratio (OR) (95% CI) was used to calculate the measure of association of HIV and aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.
This mutation has also been found in a South African family in which 11 family members were diagnosed with aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss following streptomycin treatment for TB.
Family members of mutation-positive individuals should also be counselled about their risk of developing aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.