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AQAdventure Quest (online game)
AQAir Quality
AQl'Aquila (Italy)
AQAdvanced Queuing (trademark of Oracle)
AQAntarctica (top level domain name)
AQAmerican Samoa
AQAquinas College
AQAl-Qaida (terrorist group)
AQAqua (blue-green color)
AQAhn'qiraj (gaming instance, World of Warcraft)
AQAloha Airlines
AQAutomatic Qualifying (sports)
AQAssurance Qualité (French: Quality Assurance)
AQAs Quoted (market price)
AQAminoquinoline (chemistry)
AQAction Quake (gaming team)
AQAircraft Quality (steel)
AQAlliance Quebec (Canadian English Rights Lobby Group)
AQAchievement Quotient
AQApplication Question
AQAnnual Questionnaire
AQArchitectural Quality
AQAcoustic Quantification
AQAccumulator-Quotient Register
AQAcquisitions Directorate (USAF)
AQAccess Queue
AQAllowance Quantity
AQ(USN Rating) Aviation Fire Control Technician
AQAnnual Quantity (UK; gas production)
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Henderson Professor and Chair, Tulane University Department of Tropical Medicine, said "I am truly excited to be teaming up with Immtech to advance Tulane's aminoquinoline program.
We plan to develop new caged neuroactive amino acids based on Laport symmetry-allowed aminoquinoline constructs with large two-photon cross-sections, high water solubility and minimal pharmacological interference.
microti genome reveals absence of proteases necessary to digest host hemoglobin and hemozoin formation by the parasite; this absence may explain the ineffectiveness of chloroquine, and perhaps other compounds of the aminoquinoline family used in babesiosis therapy (10).