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Her ammonia level was 58 [micro]mol/L (reference range: 11 to 32 [micro]mol/L).
Therefore, we aimed to find out if there was a possibility to use the ammonia level measurement to predict the presence of EV as well as the varices at a high risk for bleeding.
In particular, venous blood ammonia level and incidence of PSE were recorded.
Neither of these illicit drugs has a causal link to hyperammonemia, although a case report described an ammonia level of 91 Umol/L following methamphetamine use [6].
During the postoperative period the recipient with the transplanted propionic acidemia liver had received careful monitoring of his metabolic profile on monthly schedule, particularly urinary ketones and serum ammonia levels. His protein intake was initially restricted but ultimately liberalized and he was discharged to a rehabilitation facility tolerating a regular diet.
Abdel-Aal, Blood ammonia level and other non invasive parameters as indicators of portosystemic collaterals in cirrhotic patients.
Ammonia Level. As a common substrate (nitrogen source) of AOA and AOB, the concentration of ammonia in the environment significantly influences the growth of these two kinds of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms.
Obtaining ammonia levels is generally not recommended, given the limited utility of a single value in the diagnosis of HE and the nonspecificity of elevated ammonia levels for HE.
Therefore, high ammonia levels can increase glutamine synthesis and cause swelling of astrocytes and brain edema [8].
However, she had a markedly elevated ammonia level (100 mcmol/L, normal 0-30).
The plasma ammonia level was of 277 [micro]mol/L (reference range 11-50 [micro]mol/L).