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AMOBAmmonia Oxidizing Bacteria
AMOBAnna Maria Oyster Bar (Bradenton, FL)
AMOBArm Mengsel Over Boord (Dutch)
AMOBAutomatic Meteorological Oceanographic Buoy
AMOBA Message of Bullets (band)
AMOBAcquisitions Management Operations Branch (US NIH)
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One of the 16S rRNA sequences (sequence 31) displayed a homology of 98.2% to that of beta-proteobacteria genus Nitrosospira, which is a known ammonia oxidizing bacteria having the ability to transform ammonia ([NH.sub.3],) to nitrite ([NO.sub.2]") and can do these processes in relatively low concentrations (less than 1 mM) of ammonia versus other genera, such as Nitrosomonas, which tend to thrive in higher concentrations (Taylor et al., 2006).
Bowatte S, Ishihara R, Asakawa S, Kimura M (2006) Characterization of ammonia oxidizing bacteria associated with weeds in a Japanese paddy field using amoA gene fragments.
For example, qPCR was used to detect increased ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) population densities in marine sediments with high anthropogenic N inputs from wastewater plants and other urban systems in Tokyo Bay, Japan (Urakawa et al., 2006).
Ammonia oxidizing bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite by adding oxygen to the nitrogen, and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria convert nitrite to nitrate.
M2 PHARMA-September 21, 2017-USPTO Issues AOBiome Patent for Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria for Treatment of Acne
It is the Oxidation of ammonia into nitrite and then into nitrate with the help of ammonia oxidizing bacteria (Nirtrosomonas and nitrobacter spp.).