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ANFOAmmonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (explosive)
ANFOAnimal Noise Force Organisation (band)
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Use of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil as the primary explosive, as in Mumbai and Pune, and the modus operandi of IM operatives masquerading as students cannot be ignored," said a senior IPS officer, PTI reported.
Ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, found from the defused bombs, have been the signature ingredients of IM bombs in the past.
The non-nuclear test blast would have sent a mushroom cloud of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil 10,000ft into the sky, visible and audible hundreds of miles away.
Among his topics are explosive science, ammonium nitrate and fuel oils, slurries and water gels, functional safety during the manufacture of ammonium nitrate explosives, and the economics of ammonium nitrate explosives.