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(NH4)2SO4Ammonium Sulphate
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Keratinase activity of pellet and supernatant of Caption: bacterial culture precipitated using ammonium sulphate
The interaction effects of substrate concentration (X1) and yeast extract (X6), substrate concentration (X1) and ammonium sulphate (X9) and yeast extract (X6) and ammonium sulphate (X9) are mentioned in Figure 3A, B and C, respectively.
The optimum duration for the production of enzyme was day 7 for rice husk and day 5 and 9 for wheat bran and sugarcane bagasse respectively (Fig.3).Optimization of nitrogen sources: The change in the quantity of yeast and ammonium sulphate did affect the activity of enzyme as mentioned in (fig 4 and 5).
Increasing use of ammonium sulphate in compound fertilisers for nitrogen and sulphur nutrients in the agricultural industry is driving its demand globally.
A bag of Urea or two bags of ammonium sulphate be applied after every harvest to keep the plants healthy for enhanced production.
1 bag ((NH4)2SO4) ammonium sulphate per acre one month afterward planting seeds/sets.
The experiment had a factorial and consisted of 16 treatments resulting from the combination of two factors; four concentrations of calcium sulfate (CaS[O.sub.4]): 0, 750, 1,125 and 1,500 kg/ha, and four concentrations of ammonium sulphate [(N[[H.sub.4]).sub.2] S[O.sub.4]]: 0, 104, 208 and 312 kg/ha.
Sulf-N 26 is a new, dry granular ammonium sulphate nitrate fertiliser, developed from a patented Honeywell process that chemically fuses ammonium sulphate and ammonium nitrate to produce an entirely new and highly stable molecule, a 26-0-0 14S fertiliser.