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(NH4)2SO4Ammonium Sulphate
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The interaction effects of substrate concentration (X1) and yeast extract (X6), substrate concentration (X1) and ammonium sulphate (X9) and yeast extract (X6) and ammonium sulphate (X9) are mentioned in Figure 3A, B and C, respectively.
Optimization of nitrogen sources: The change in the quantity of yeast and ammonium sulphate did affect the activity of enzyme as mentioned in (fig 4 and 5).
The solution contains a lot of residual Ammonium sulphate, which was bound to the enzyme.
Increasing use of ammonium sulphate in compound fertilisers for nitrogen and sulphur nutrients in the agricultural industry is driving its demand globally.
The analysis of the data showed that carfentrazone-ethyl + clodinafop-propargyl + metsulfuron-methyl alone and with ammonium sulphate as an adjuvant showed significant effect on weeds (Table 1).
1 bag ((NH4)2SO4) ammonium sulphate may be applied on the crop when the time bulb formation takes place.
The growing of cotton roots are stimulated by the application of gypsum (Tanaka and Mascarenhas 2002) and by use of nitrogen in the form of ammonium sulphate before the sowing (Carvalho 2007).
The precipitates obtained after fractionation at various saturation levels of ammonium sulphate was then suspended in 25 mL of buffer B (Tris-HCl 0.
It was found maximum with ammonium sulphate and minimum with CSL containing media.
Interpretation & conclusions: Sputum samples can be stored for up to seven days in the sputum container with phenol ammonium sulphate basic fuchsin solution.
Toxicity evaluation of ammonium sulphate and urea to three developmental stages of freshwater snails.
They included ammonium sulphate flares - which cannot be extinguished once lit and can cause third degree burns - and Chinese crackers and cosmic bangers banned from retail sale.