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AMMLOGAmmunition Logistics (US Army)
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Conducted ammunition logistics support and interagency training with TEAD personnel.
The installation specializes in ammunition logistics and the engineering of ammunition and ammunition related equipment.
Naval Ammunition Logistics Center, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
The Program Executive Office (PEO) for Ammunition and the Project Director (PD) for Joint Services, Ammunition Logistics Division (AMMOLOG) have been working closely with Zunino and his colleagues to advance and transition technologies for their applications.
The mission to establish and implement a fully functioning ammunition logistics system within the ANA is a project that began way before I arrived in theater and continues even now.
Ammunition logistics (supply, transportation, and storage)
Established in 2003 to support the CNO's efforts to recapitalize the Navy, NOLSC originally combined the functions of the Naval Petroleum Office (NAVPETOFF), the Naval Transportation Support Center (NAVTRANS) and the Naval Ammunition Logistics Center (NALC).
Michael Pipkin is an ammunition logistics manager with ARDEC.
The Fleet Support Department's mission is to provide ammunition logistics support, technical research, requisition assistance, training, and support for the Ordnance Information System (OIS) roll-out.
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