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Wagonmaster"Backbone" Tech: ATP Training is internal training that is designed to reinforce the training of the division's forward support battalion and aviation support battalion ammunition specialists.
The ammunition specialist was tasked with assisting the battalion S-3's land and ammunition section, making him unavailable for class V (ammunition) draw and turnin.
Traffic management specialists from the 21st Theater Support Command in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and an ammunition specialist and the theater security cooperation program manager from the USARAF Logistics Directorate in Vicenza, Italy, taught and monitored the event.
An ammunition specialist, on the other hand, was assigned as a member of the squad at each station, and he would be taught what our junior Soldiers were doing at each spot.
The training course is part of a multi-year project to train Moldovan ammunition specialists.
The flow of ammunition is constantly managed, documented, and secured; ammunition specialists check all explosive cargo for proper blocking and bracing and stowage for subsequent transport by sea, rail, or truck.
MIST allows individuals and small teams of ammunition specialists to support JMC missions while receiving tailorable training on critical individual munitions tasks.
Certifying ammunition specialists for ammunition inspection and demilitarisation; and
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