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Kuwait last month said it broke up a terror cell and seized large amounts of weapons, ammunition and explosives.
These efforts fall into three general categories: control and destruction of firearms, control and destruction of ammunition and explosives, and remediation of sites contaminated by munitions.
He said the cache included mortar-launchers, BKC guns, Kalashnikov guns, a quantity of ammunition and explosive charges, along with other weapons and a car used to carry explosives and weapons, hidden in the dump.
During search operation huge quantity of arms and ammunition and explosives have been recovered.
At the time the guns, ammunition and explosives were discovered, authorities said they did not believe Mr.
THREE Scottish soldiers who stole Army ammunition and explosives to sell to gangsters were yesterday branded "traitors"by a judge.
The Multi-National Corps-Iraq requested that the Army Defense Ammunition Center (DAC) at McAlester, Oklahoma, assess theater ammunition supply points, ammunition holding areas, and basic load ammunition holding areas and help write applicable documentation for selecting sites for and licensing of ammunition and explosives (class V) storage locations.
The pair were stopped at Felixstowe and when customs officers x-rayed the Golf they discovered secret compartments at the rear containing an arsenal of firearms, ammunition and explosives.
monitors sensitive shipments, including arms, ammunition and explosives, classified, and high-value cargo moving via commercial motor carriers, as well as nearly all barge and towboat munitions movements from consignor to consignee.
Turning in all ammunition and explosives is only the first step.
My primary objective is to provide the troops on the ground technical advice concerning the storage, deployment, and safety of ammunition and explosives," Brown said.
Bullman was charged with IRA membership and with possession of ammunition and explosives.