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AmnioAmniocentesis (prenatal test)
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I called her from my office to find out what the amnio showed, and caught her in the car.
Rebecca Smith-Bindman at the University of California, San Francisco, found that of seven markers on ultrasound tests thought to increase the risk of Down syndrome, only one was found reliable enough to justify an amnio.
So much is out of my control already that at least I want to know whatever I can from amnio.
I recommend that moms undergoing certain prenatal tests, such as amniocentesis, in the second or third trimester, discuss saving this fluid with their doctor as soon as they know they will be having an amnio," says Dr.
We have an occasional amnio abnormality, but it's a minuscule amount," said one of the doctors at Metropolitan Medical, an assessment confirmed by another doctor there.
Now that we have earlier diagnosis, suddenly the tune has changed: late abortions are indeed traumatic, the old amnio was a problem.