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AMOCOAmerican Oil Company
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Given these important strategic and commercial factors, Amoco last month urged the U.
The terms of the sale between ExxonMobil and BP Amoco require regulatory approval.
This truly is a win-win opportunity for Amoco and FW Oil," said Richard Flury, Amoco senior executive vice president, exploration and production.
As Dan Leonardi, BP Amoco's Global Business Manager for NDC, explains, "FDA clearance for the use of BP Amoco naphthalates in PET/N copolymers and PEN homopolymer the market in the U.
Start-up of the new facility followed a strategic review of Amoco Fabrics' European operations in order to secure its long-term competitiveness and capture growing opportunities in the carpet backing market.
BP Amoco will deliver to former ARCO holders, for each share of common stock owned, 1.
By offering the opportunity to participate to a potential group of 9,000 Amoco branded convenience locations, Red Crown will represent an attractive customer base for product suppliers, and will result in increased value to Amoco customers," said Dan Pittard, Amoco marketing group vice president.
An approach utilizing Web-based technologies will allow BP Amoco to ensure that the right data is available to the right people at the right time.
On audit, the IRS determined that the $175,000 advanced by Amoco was income to the taxpayer in the year received.
EGPC and Amoco signed a 20-year agreement in 1982, which came into effect in 1984, whereby EGPC was to take 200 MCF/d through the latter's network to supply power stations and industrial plants in the northern emirates.
With the merger that took effect this morning at 8 o'clock, London time, BP Amoco adds 1,726 ARCO-branded retail stations to its U.
Los Angeles-based Arco and its suitor, London-based BP Amoco, had planned to complete the merger Monday.