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AMOCOAmerican Oil Company
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On audit, the IRS determined that the $175,000 advanced by Amoco was income to the taxpayer in the year received.
While Amoco executives oversaw clearly defined business units, BP managers were expected to work in a group, across divisions.
A UK national newspaper yesterday reported that BP Amoco was working on a bid for exploration group BG International which would value the demerged half of the old BG Group at pounds 12 billion.
BP Amoco Chemicals, a unit of oil company BP Amoco, has selected ChemConnect Inc's World Chemical Exchange as its preferred third party platform for Internet-based trading of petrochemicals, intermediates, plastics and specialties.
Los Angeles-based Arco and its suitor, London-based BP Amoco, had planned to complete the merger Monday.
Under the terms of the contract, BP Amoco will outsource to PricewaterhouseCoopers BPO Canada its accounting services and associated information technology groups in Calgary, AB.
BP Amoco says this would provide a gas supply for the industrialized northeast region of China, including the Beijing area, and virtually double China's present gas consumption.
In July 1999, with the BP Amoco amalgamation substantially complete and the Arco takeover a virtual certainty, Sir John Browne outlined BP Amoco's strategic development plans.
BP Amoco was still anticipating the approval of the plan from the State Planning Council," the source said.
Attorneys in several states are watching closely as Illinois environmental regulators and Amoco Oil Co.
Yet Amoco Chemical Europe would routinely credit-check each of these firms and, worse still, would put a credit-hold on them.
Amoco Chemical entered a long-term agreement with Catalyst Resources under which the Phillips Petroleum subsidiary will build a catalyst plant dedicated to the manufacture of Amoco's proprietary CD catalyst.