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AMOREArctic Mid-Ocean Ridge Expedition (National Science Foundation)
AMOREAlgorithmic Methods for Optimizing the Railways in Europe
AMOREAdvanced Modelling and Research on Eutrophication
AMOREAdvanced Multimedia Oriented Retrieval Engine (search engine)
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I due discorsi rivolti da De Amicis alle ragazze delle scuole elementari di Torino, solo un paio d'anni dopo la pubblicazione di Amore e ginnastica (1894-1895), (25) non lasciano dubbi sul divertissement del racconto e sul conservatorismo dell'autore come pubblico oratore.
According to Meritz Securities' predictions for Amore, the company will log 6.
Super tip: Pizzeria Amore delivers to the UP Town Center cinemas.
I owe a lot to Liverpool as I created Mimi Amore here, from being inspired by the creative scene and the people in the city.
Nondimeno, Amore Bianco ha prodotto un apprezzabile caso studio di uno dei principali esperimenti di pedagogia totalitaria del fascismo.
THAT'S AMORE Wearside restaurant group Amore are operating a 30-seat cafe in Sunderland's Home Interiors store
Amore said not only is it still a very active investigation but he remains very confident the crime will be solved and the works recovered.
There is far more than singing in That's Amore however, demonstrating Martin's (and Adams's) versatility as a performer.
A That's Amore is a show I put together with my musical director Barry Robinson which celebrates Dean Martin's live cabaret act but moreover his hugely successful NBC variety show which was a huge success in the US from 1965 onwards.
Happily in this version, Amore, played by Claire Wild with Emio Greco performing her male alter ego, is an old softie and the lovers are reunited.
Judith Dundas, in her essay, "De Morte et Amore," studies the meanings these traditional figures acquire in the context of Petrarchan poetry and the masque tradition, and notes their transmutation into symbols of cyclical renewal in the works of Jonson and Shakespeare, as well as in the works of artists such as Titian.
Optimus Santa Monica Editor Justin Amore cut and finished the spot.