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AMOTAegis Master Operability Test
AMOTAccelerated Management of Technology (Polytechnic University; New York)
AMOTATES Master Operability Test
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Weiner, R., Winter, R., Rogers, R., & Amot, L, (2004): 'The Effects of Prior Workplace Behaviour on Subsequent Sexual Harassment Judgements', Law and Human Behaviour, 28(1).
(There are also other zones, which will come up later in the tractate.) On Shabbat, it is forbidden to carry an item from one private domain to another, or from the private to the public domain, or more than four amot, or cubits, within the public domain.
Notwithstanding the bland declaration made at the start about our childless couple--"Il amot li e ele lui" (23: he loved her and she him), which only "underscore[s] the emptiness of the love between the two central characters" (Creamer 263)--it is revealed that
AMOT has launched two products with extended application range: Chalwyn diesel engine spark arrestors with nearly three times the reach to now cover engines up to 1100hp (825kW) and Amot emergency air shut-off valves extending up to a 10-inch size for the larger valves of the latest engine designs.
The palynology of the upper lacustrine sediments of the Amot Pipe, Banke, Namaqualand.
Madeleine Amot, "Conflict, Religion and Gender Hegemonies--The Implications for Global Citizenship Education: A Response to Isiah Jad's Article" [373-377]
Abipini said she escaped after secretly reporting herself to a woman called Amot also from the Anuak tribe, who has been abducted many years earlier.
For a more mellow experience, hire a private boat on the fjords and go to little hotels that you can't get to by road, or stay at the Amot Opera Farm for an unusual combination of accommodations and music.
Newell President Mike Kime Sales Manager David Oshefsky Sales Engineer Michael Rutter Sales Engineer Manufacturers Represented: Amot Controls, Kato, Energy Power System Inc., I.E.A.
"Illness and the Secret Gift." Amot, 1:41-46 [Hebrew].
Le premier ministre, Lorne Calvert, le chef de l'opposition officielle, Brad Wall, et le commissaire aux traites, le juge David Amot, completaient la suite officielle.
Further, we used the area 'Amot' in the Southeast of Sweden (60[degrees]96 'N, 16[degrees]45'E) as a case study to review the arguments in a conflict between local hunters and a forest company concerning the wolf, as the hunters in this area have been very vocal concerning altered hunting quotas as a result of the establishment of wolves in the area in 2001.