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The smallest amount claimed was by maverick Councillor Paul Mack at just PS48, relating to phone and ICT costs.
It is a practical reality that, on many occasions, the costs involved in litigation can sometimes outweigh any amount claimed. It is therefore imperative that careful commercial consideration is given to each case, on its own individual merit, before engaging in a litigation process.
Since then, the RS has blocked ITA accounts in various banks on a daily basis in order to collect the debt amount claimed by this BiH entity.
The claimant can through an affidavit of his or of another person take oath and verify the facts and the cause of the action, as well as the amount claimed and state that according to his belief there is no defence in the action.
It said total amount claimed by the claimants was approximately Rs 221.65 million so far, which had been forwarded to the subject society for redressal.
If the claim filed against Partner is recognized as a class action, the total amount claimed against Partner is estimated by the plaintiffs to be approximately NIS 1 billion.
Katie Cutler, 23, wept after a judge ruled she must stump up the full amount claimed by PR firm boss Claire Barber.
The total amount claimed by IPIC/Aabar is approximately $6.5 billion.
In four cases, the insurance companies refunded the amount claimed and in three cases orders were passed under Rule 14 of the 2015 Small Disputes Resolution Committee (Constitution and Procedure) Rules, thereby directing Insurance Companies to pay the claim/refund the amount of premium.
For cases with multiple awards articulating amounts claimed, the most recent award with a fully particularized amount claimed was coded.
It was the ninth largest amount claimed by any of the UK's police forces.
"The phrase more or less is an unacceptable qualification of the principal amount of tax involved as it fails to accurately state the amount claimed as basic tax deficiency," the tax court said.