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AAVAdeno-Associated Virus
AAVAssociation of Avian Veterinarians
AAVanti Afterburn Valve
AAVArab American Vehicles
AAVAlternate Access Vendors
AAVAll Activity Vehicle
AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicle (US DoD)
AAVAverage Annual Value
AAVAdvanced Audio Visual (various organizations)
AAVAir Admittance Valve (plumbing)
AAVAcoustic Analysis of Voice (speech-language pathology)
AAVAll Activity Vehicle (Mercedes-Benz)
AAVAdopt A Village
AAVAbilities, Attitudes and Values (psychology scale)
AAVAirborne Assault Vehicle
AAVAutonomous Air Vehicle
AAVAuxiliary Air Valve
AAVAssociation des Artistes Villeurbannais (French: Villeurbanne Artists' Association)
AAVAssociation Astronomique de la Vallée (French: Valley Astronomical Association)
AAVAlternate Access Vendor(s)
AAVAsian-American Village
AAVAuthentication Algorithm Version
AAVAlumni Admissions Volunteers
AAVAutomated Address Verification
AAVAdvanced Aerospace Vehicle
AAVAutonomous Armored Vehicle
AAVAccountability Acceptance Voucher
AAVAfloat Asset Visibility
AAVAir-to-Air Vehicle
AAVAviation Assist Visit
AAVAdvanced Acoustics and Vibration
AAVAustralian Alpaca Veterinarians
AAVAutoduellist Association of Vermont (gaming)
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- Global Amphibious Assault Vehicle Market: Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by Leading Players
The BRDM-2 is an armor plated amphibious assault vehicle that can is replacing the UAZ on all maps.
China builds world's fastest amphibious assault vehicle
The current amphibious assault vehicle (AAV), which is almost 40 years old, has been deemed inadequate to accomplish the mission and protect Marines in an evolving combat environment.
soldiers have been hurt came after fifteen Marines were injured yesterday at Camp Pendleton - located near San Diego, California - when their amphibious assault vehicle burst into flames during a training exercise.
Marine Corps to "further develop" the ADF's amphibious capability." (104) Notably, Captain Ken Semmens, Australian Army, was embedded with the Amphibious Assault Vehicle Platoon, Combat Assault Company, 3rd Marine Regiment (USMC) during the conduct of amphibious operations at Kaneohe Bay.
THE PROGRAM Manager Advanced Amphibious Assault thus decided upon a complete overhaul of the modernisation plans with a three-pronged approach, namely to effectively develop of a new Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV), to continue the technology development phase of a Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC) and to ensure survivability and/or technology upgrades to the current Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV).
He has more than 20 years of experience in managing US Army and Marine Corps programmes including the Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and US Marine Corps Amphibious Assault Vehicle.
He was serving as a Navy corpsman with a 12-vehicle Marine amphibious assault vehicle platoon that was ordered to support in the seizure of Saddam Canal Bridge north of al Nasiriyah in Iraq.
This approach has worked effectively in other programs, such as the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle. What cannot be overemphasized, however, is that the financial model articulated in the contract must promote collaboration rather than create a profit incentive to not collaborate.
Fourteen US Marines are killed when a roadside bomb strike their amphibious assault vehicle in western Iraq in one of the single bloodiest insurgent attacks against a foreign military target since US-led invasion of Iraq.
The advanced amphibious assault vehicle is expected to enter service later in this decade.
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