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APESAdvanced Placement Environmental Science
APESAutomated Patient Evacuation System
APESAdiabatic Potential Energy Surface
APESAmplitude and Phase EStimation (algorithm)
APESAdvanced Protective Eyewear System
APESAssociation of Professional Engineers of the Province of Saskatchewan
APESAdvanced Placement European Studies
APESAtomic Plasma Emission Spectroscopy
APESAvatar Populated Experience Simulations
APESApparel Parks for Exports Scheme (India)
APESAnticollision Lights; Position Lights; Electrical Source; Spare Fuses (pilot's night VFR additional equipment)
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A third category is the set of nonparametric adaptive filter-bank methods with high resolution capability, including the Capon algorithm [7] and the recently proposed amplitude and phase estimation spectral (APES) algorithm [8, 9], as well as variants and hybrids of these techniques.