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AMPOLAmerican Politics (Journal)
AMPOLAustralian Motorists' Petrol Company (Petrol brand owned by Caltex)
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It also has operations in New Zealand under the Gull brand and Singapore under the Ampol brand.
Ampol, which was set up in 2013 to source crude oil and refined products for Caltex, took charge of sourcing all crude, feedstock and product imports into Australia during the first half of 2015, Caltex said.
Pollard, Jack 1968 The Ampol Book of Australian Sporting Records, The Pollard Publishing Co.
Ampol said growth this year will likely to be driven by both private and public investments, especially in mega-projects such as subway expansion, the new airport and reconstruction in the tsunami-affected provinces.
The area became famous from the discovery of petroleum beneath the featureless scrub in 1952 when Ampol Petroleum and Caltex Oil Companies drilled for off.
Two exploratory wells were drilled, and dozens of oil companies were interested in the Coral Sea, including Shell, BP and Ampol.
Pan Suppakorn Kitsuwan Sadaw Siriyakorn Pukkavesa Yod Black Pomtong Suwat Somlek Sakdikul Dao Porntip Papanai Siew Ampol Rattanawong Old Chuey Prasit Wongrakthai Guard Chartchai Hamnuansak
The Lytton refinery was commissioned in 1965 by Ampol, now merged with Caltex.
Sydney Ports Corporation (SPC), the manager of commercial shipping in Sydney Harbour and Port Botany, will be inundated with new neighbours with the progressive opening this year of about six new residential developments on former industrial sites operated by Ampol, Unilever and CSR.
All of the major oil companies in Australia are Liquip Aviation's customers, including Air BP, AFS, Ampol, Caltex, Mobil Aviation and Shell Aviation.
Lagercrantz also said it had taken over Poland-based Ampol Serwis Sp zo o and its wholly-owned unit Thermod Polska Sp zo o as part of the deal.