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AMSTRADAlan Michael Sugar Trading
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And one Black Country devotee has launched a club for those who still treasure their old Amstrad.
Businesses of all sizes were waking up to the possibilities of technology and Amstrad was on the rise.
Sir Alan said: "This is a move that has been planned for a while and it's the right time for me to step down from my role at Amstrad.
Last year's winner, web entrepreneur Simon Ambrose, works with Amsprop, the property arm of Amstrad.
First series winner Tim Campbell worked for two years at Amstrad before leaving last year to set up a male grooming business.
Sir Alan, who is chairman and chief executive of the firm as well as the majority shareholder, agreed to sell Brentwood-based Amstrad to the satellite broadcaster at the end of July.
The star of BBC's The Apprentice will make pounds 35m from the sale, but will remain with the Amstrad business under its proposed new owner.
Amstrad blamed lower sales of its high value Sky Plus set-top boxes for the 12pc fall in profits to pounds 12.
Far be it from me to accuse the BBC of allowing Sir Alan to get away with blatant nepotismproduct placement and advertising but why didn't they simply do away with The Apprentice title and call it something more fitting like, er, The Amstrad Show.
A new survey that has been carried out by device manufacturer Amstrad has shown that the majority of people in the UK prefer to send personal e-mails from home.
A spokesperson for Amstrad said that the CopyMail function will enable users to send work-related e-mails from home via the e-m@iler and receive copies of all correspondence to a corporate address.
The survey conducted by Amstrad em@ilerplus, the home telephone with email and internet access, reveals that 26 per cent of people with email at home, installed it because their bosses were monitoring, and even snooping through, their emails at work.