AMTCApplied Media Technologies Corporation
AMTCAdvanced Manufacturing Training Center (Tallahassee Community College; Tallahassee, FL)
AMTCAdvanced Mask Technology Center GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
AMTCApplied Manufacturing Technology Center (Wisconsin)
AMTCAerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre (Canada)
AMTCAmerican Manchester Terrier Club
AMTCAdvanced Modern Technologies Corporation (Woodland Hills, CA)
AMTCAdvanced Maritime Technology Center (Maryland)
AMTCAmerican Modeling and Talent Convention
AMTCAmerican Technologies Network Corporation
AMTCArmy Missile Test Center (White Sands Missile Range, NM)
AMTCArmored Moving Target Carrier
AMTCAsymptotic Multiple Turbo Coding
AMTCAnnual Multiplexed Telephony Conference (San Diego, CA, USA)
AMTCAttenuation Memory Track Correlation
AMTCAustralian Military Type Certificate
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We are very positive on Philippine equities over the long term given the country's superior annual GDP (gross domestic product) growth, sustainable corporate earnings expansion over time, and chance or re-rating due to the implementation of TRAIN,' BPI AMTC said.
As part of the association, Shopmatic and AMTC will work closely on several initiatives aimed at enabling better business opportunities for MSMEs - locally, regionally, and globally.
With the GRA discounts, AMTC offers pricing significantly below prevailing rates.
The AMTC is a superb venue, and the work it is undertaking is vital for the future of the economy.
Abdul Aziz al-Attiya, chairman of AMTC, said: "The new Renault Trucks Qatar service centre is in line with our company vision in setting a standard for professional after-sales support and professionalism.
Due to rapid development in the Qatari market, Renault and AMTC expect to grow their activities by more than 30% during the period 2012 to 2015.
The AMTC complements training already done at the college as part of its vocational skills-based curriculum, much of which has been developed in consultation with employers to meet identifiable business needs and support employment demand.
Ms Katharine Kim, Chief Executive Officer, CJE, said: "Our relationship with MDA and Bang Singapore continues to grow, develop and bring success, and we are pleased to welcome aboard our new partner AMTC for this venture.
AMTC claim they are due a third of the profits and haven't received a penny.
Lynne went with them to the AMTC convention - where American Beauty actress Mena Suvari was first spotted - after Caitlin shone at a similar showcase in January and was courted by agents.
Siemens continues to supply the AMTC with training and upgrades, as part of its ongoing commitment to assist the vital education of machinists and programmers in the area.