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AMLDAmusement Machine Licence Duty (UK; tax)
AMLDAssociacao Mico-Leao Dourado (Portuguese: Golden Lion Tamarin Association; Brazil)
AMLDAutomatic Memory Leak Detector
AMLDAnti-Money Laundering Directives
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The Treasury has estimated that MGD will raise pounds 500 million a year from the betting and gaming sector, the same as the current combined amusement machine licence duty and VAT levied on machines in betting shops, casinos, pubs and clubs.
At the moment, pubs pay pounds 905 per year for their gaming machines (category C machines) under the amusement machine licence duty rates but "skills with prizes" machines pay no duty.
The bingo industry has responded with "disbelief" to Chancellor Alistair Darling's decision not to remove VAT from bingo charges, but rather to increase the tax burden through higher rates of amusement machine licence duty.
Amusement machine licence duty, which has different rates depending on the individual gaming machine, has also increased.
Hill said it had come to terms with the extra tax due for the Amusement Machine Licence Duty introduced last August.
The new tax, which amalgamates amusement machine licence duty with VAT, and is due to take effect from February next year, has been dubbed a pounds 100 million error in the Treasury's favour by William Hill chief executive Ralph Topping.
HM Revenue & Customs spokesman Bob Gaiger said: EUR[pounds sterling]We are investigating the non-payment of at least Apounds 180,000 in Amusement Machine Licence Duty over a three-year period.
Bookmakers were braced for the new machine games duty, which amalgamates amusement machine licence duty and VAT, after the Treasury signalled its intention in December 2010.
The new tax, which will come into force from February 1 next year, will replace both amusement machine licence duty and VAT levied on machines.
Smith maps out duty rate THE betting industry is holding its breath before the government announces the new amusement machine licence duty rate in the Budget in 12 days' time.
Ladbrokes spokesman Ciaran O'Brien said: "We would normally get a rise in the amusement machine licence duty, but we are not anticipating anything else, although you never know.
BISL would recommend a cap on the proposed rate of machine gaming duty such that the cost to operators will not exceed the current aggregate cost of amusement machine licence duty and VAT.