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AMUTAdvanced Manpack UHF Terminal
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The main advantage, says AMUT, is the ability to reclaim either light or heavy polyolefins with the same machines one at a time.
Amut will introduce a new larger version of its AMP cup thermoformer, with high-speed indexing, bigger forming area, and a deeper draw.
AMUT says the new ballistic separator, which can be added to existing lines, is capable of being mounted on a flat-bed trailer.
Anthony Georges of AMUT North America is scheduled to report on latest technology in sorting and cleaning of post-consumer mixed PET bales, and then converting the cleaned r-PET flakes into food-grade resin.
The new 10tph PRF, which is based on a nine acre site with over 140,000 square feet of warehouse space, was built by the Italian AMUT Group and features sensor-based sorting technology supplied by TOMRA Sorting.
PENG-11-2010-0616 | Anthony Georges, AMUT North America
We have made great progress at AMUT in a relatively short time.
AMUT says that its single-step extrusion process is capable of improving the performance of waterproofing membranes produced from different thermoplastic materials, including F/PVC, TPO and TPE.
Edward Tan, CEO of AMUT, said: "This is a major milestone for our company.
a producer and processor of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarn based in Reidsville, North Carolina, is making the investment in a new PET washing plant that will be designed, built and assembled by AMUT SpA and Bulk Handling Systems (BHS).
Edward Tan, CEO of AMUT said: "we are very excited about this opportunity to present at the Friedland Capital Technology luncheons.