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ANABAssociazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica (Italian: National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture; est. 1989; Milan, Italy)
ANABAnorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Association
ANABAssociation of North American Businesses
ANABAmerican National Accreditation Board
ANABANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board
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An article on Guberman's website states; the companies who have ANAB associated certifications are companies that are questionable with which to do business because one does not know with certainty if their accreditation is valid or not, which can be inferred from an archived page of its own (ANAB) declaration at http://web.
SecurStore is registered and certified by British Standards Institute for ISO 27001 and also accredited by ANAB.
It takes quality pre-school education to remote communities like Beit Misrim and Anab Al Kabir.
At the event titled Anab Gul (Jujube Flower), poets stressed the need for unity among Afghans, national sovereignty, restoration of peace and eradication of corruption.
ANERA will renovate two of the eight preschools in Anab Al-Kabir and Beit Mirsim, thanks to a generous $70,000 donation from Kuwait.
SCOTS star gave the la chance to voices as to a storm Even that a pian song, Da bashed t the pas Lee Lew rest fo her p Fo sta anab though she sat piano for her first Daddy, Emeli the keys with passion of Jerry Lewis and didn't for the rest of performance.
Anab Sundas, Aqib Yahya, Hisham Shahid and Rutaba Fayyaz delivered valedictory speeches.
Un jury international decernera El Anab d'or (le jujubier d'or).
TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of Palestinian civilians sustained injuries at dawn Thursday after they were aggressively attacked by the Israeli forces deployed at the Anab checkpoint, near the Northern West Bank province of Tulkarem.
Meanwhile, forces detained Abdallah Marabeh and assaulted four others at Anab Israeli military checkpoint, on the main road between Tulkarm and Nablus, after detaining them for hours at the checkpoint.
ATCS is an API-U approved training provider and ANAB training course licensee.