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ANABANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board
ANABAmerican National Accreditation Board
ANABAssociazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica (Italian: National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture; est. 1989; Milan, Italy)
ANABAnorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Association
ANABAssociation of North American Businesses
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Guberman's team investigated the leadership of ANAB and IAF and discovered the organization was knowingly providing speaking engagements for a Christopher Paris in Tampa, Florida known to be misleading businesses certified by ANAB competitors.
The recipients of the gold medals given on the basis of securing overall top positions in their respective groups for the academic year 2011 included Sania Hussain (SSC, Science), Bisma Naseem (SSC, Humanities), Khadija (HSSC, Pre- Medical), Abdul Rehman Fayyaz (HSSC, Pre-Engineering), Marwah Mir (HSSC, Science General) Anab Sundus (HSSC, Commerce) and Asia (HSSC, Humanities).
Set in Karachi, Drowning Shadows is a thriller, centred around the protagonist, a successful fashion photographer, Hyder Waseem and three women; Natalia, Pakistan's latest supermodel, Anab, Hyder's efficient secretary and Sophia, Hyder's friend Osman's fiance.
This approval by ANAB authorizes DNV Certification to certify/approve companies to the RC14001 standard, which goes beyond the scope of an environmental management system by encompassing occupational health and safety, product stewardship, community outreach and transportation safety activities.
A Somali poet, Anab Sheikh Abdi, told me that she dreamed of one day returning to the fertile Juba River Valley and meanwhile found it hard to function in Britain.
We may compare the words given by Xenophon to Cyrus in his speech before Cunaxa, at Anab.
Guberman's Washington's visit came weeks after the FTC received complaints of anti-competitive practices and collusion between NIST, ANAB and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).
Il s'agit du [beaucoup moins que] Anab d'or [beaucoup plus grand que] (le Jujubier d'or), du Grand prix du jury ainsi que du prix du public.
AMTec is a Quality Management Registrar accredited by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).
Meanwhile, forces detained Abdallah Marabeh and assaulted four others at Anab Israeli military checkpoint, on the main road between Tulkarm and Nablus, after detaining them for hours at the checkpoint.
Phil degrees were approved to be awarded to Mohammad Kazim Ali (Biotechnology KIBGE), Musarrat Parveen (Sociology), Mohammad Athar Hussain (Education), Anab Fatima (Pharmaceutics), Samreen Begum (Molecular Studies), Samina Khan (BioChemistry), Abdul Wahid (Islamic Studies), Ayesha Rasheed (Botany), Nausheen Wasi (International Relations), Farwa Sarwat (Genetics), Shumaila Mazhar (Chemistry HEJ), Imran Waheed (Pharmacology) and Mahjabeen Khan, a medical doctor in Environmental Sciences.
Beit Misrim and Anab Al Kabir are distant villages typical of the West Bank -- landlocked and at the heart of the ongoing geopolitical conflict.