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ATHRAnaerobic Threshold Heart Rate (endurance sports)
ATHRAutothrust System
ATHRAngina Pectoris Threshold Heart Rate
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The protocol designed is valid to determinate the anaerobic threshold heart rate (ATHR) and ventilatory thresholds ([VT.sub.1] and [VT.sub.2]).
Much of the criticism has been related to poor reliability in the detection of the Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate (Francis et al., 1989; Jones and Doust, 1995; 1997; Kara et al., 1996; Kiupers et al., 1988; Nicolaizik et al., 1998; Schmid et al., 1998; Thorland et al., 1994; Vachon et al., 1999).
In order to check the validity of the Conconi method adapted to on-water rowing, the data obtained in the anaerobic threshold heart rate (ATHR) were contrasted with those obtained in the second ventilatory threshold ([VT.sub.2]).
How do I determine my anaerobic threshold heart rate and how do I use it?