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4 THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999) IN the much-maligned first instalment of the prequel trilogy, a young Obi-Wan discovers the force is strong with one lad, Anakin Skywalker.
Obi-Wan Kenobi abandons Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar ("Revenge of the Sith")
Kenobi, who trained Anakin Skywalker before he turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader, appeared in the first six Star Wars films, played by Alec Guinness, above, in episodes IV-VI and then by Ewan McGregor in episodes I-III.
Summary: A new book has revealed that fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker was mooted to feature in JJ Abrams's blockbuster
Born as Anakin Skywalker who was once a hero and a Jedi Knight, he switched allegiance to the dark side of the Force and joined the evil Galatic Empire.
Outcast 99mins 15 EVER wondered what became of Hayden Christensen after playing Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels?
Courtesy of "Star Wars: Episode VII" concept artist Christian Alzmann, Jason Ward claims the photo described Kira as resembling Anakin Skywalker as she is "very mechanically inclined.
The report by DHS notes that in October 2013 on the user page Anakin Skywalker in the social network Facebook there was a
He was named after Star Wars producer George Lucas and central character Anakin Skywalker.
Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader: - Anakin Skywalker lost his right arm during the Battle of Geonosis when he dueled with Count Dooku.
Thankfully, Obi-Wan Kenobi (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) and Master Yoda (Tom Kane) spearhead the rebellion, flanked by their talented disciples Anakin Skywalker (voiced by Matt Lanter) and young padawan Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein).
Washington, June 6 (ANI): A study on the transformation of lead character Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader in 'Star Wars' has been hinted by researchers as being due to a borderline personality disorder.