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The signal that drives the CMOS tape assignment switch is buffered so the tape recorder loading does not affect the performance of the signal that emerges from the analog switch matrix.
TI's Analog Switches are designed to pass (or isolate) analog signals (both voltage & current), and support analog applications such as audio and video data transmission.
has announced three additions to its MightyMUX [TM] analog switch line -- the ISL43140, ISL43141 and the ISL43142, all quad single-pole single-throw (SPST) configured.
Intersil has added to its MightyMUX[TM] high-performance analog switch line.
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced what is said to be the industry's only single pole/triple throw (SP3T) CMOS analog switch. The FSA3357 device is appropriate for designers of handheld devices, mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs, notebooks and other portable electronics devices.
has three additions to its analog switch line -- the ISL8323, ISL8324 and the ISL8325 designed for portable battery powered equipment in which space and power consumption are concerns.
By combining low battery voltage operation, low on-resistance, low charge injection and fast switching speeds, the DG2000 Series switches deliver faster and accurate performance while saving power in portable and battery operated systems including cell phones, test equipment, sample and hold circuits and communications systems, according to the company The family includes two single SPDT analog switches (DG2001, DG2002), three dual SPST analog switches (DG2003, DG2004, DG2005), and a single asymmetrical SPDT analog switch (DG2020).