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In its bid, BOTEC Analysis Corporation listed its blended hourly rate as $292.
In addition, we collected and tracked digital video data using EVA 5.20 (Motion Analysis Corporation) and then imported the data into Orthotrac 5.2 (Motion Analysis Corporation) [22-23].
Following this initial data collection and processing, KinTrak 4.0 software (Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA) was used to calculate range of motion and angular velocities for the involved segments and joints in all three planes.
Joshua Sinai, Ph.D., issue consultant and program manager at The Analysis Corporation, provides a selection of twenty-five of the best books that address various dimensions of the issue.
Mitchell is the former director of organizational development for the Analysis Corporation and has now relocated to Florida.
Clinical: A survey by Enterprise Analysis Corporation found a 14% increase in molecular testing volume performed by the molecular diagnostic labs in 2002.
A high-resolution computer-based six-camera motion analysis system (Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA) was used to collect kinematic (60 Hz) and kinetic (1000 Hz) data during walking.
The groups contracted STAT Analysis Corporation in Chicago to test consumer products for five phthalates.
About Structural Research & Analysis Corporation
To receive the Ultrium logo, each company must comply with a set of technical specifications verified by the Measurement Analysis Corporation. Once they receive the go-ahead, the individual manufacturer has the choice of adding unique features.
The point-of-care testing division of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (Washington, DC), Agilent Technologies (formerly Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, Calif), and Enterprise Analysis Corporation (Stamford, Conn) facilitated the start-up of the CIC.
Corporation, College Station, Texas, has purchased certain assets and assumed certain liabilities of General Analysis Corporation ("GAC") headquartered in South Norwalk, Connecticut.
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