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ANSYSAnalysis System
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[ClickPress, Fri Mar 15 2019] The live cell analysis system enables real-time visualization and qualitative and quantitative estimation of the live cell.
For 16 months starting in February 2015, Hitachi and Daicel have been conducting joint verification tests aimed at the practical application of the image analysis system at Daicel's Harima Plant (Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture), which manufactures core components for airbags.
Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) said that its New Zealand subsidiary has been selected by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) as the prime system integrator to lead the modernization of the national Crash Analysis System (CAS).
* A duct gas analysis system consisting of oxygen, infrared gas, and TDLS200 tunable diode laser analysers.
The nCounter Analysis System can analyze entire gene pathways and provides a highly precise and reproducible digital output, making it ideally suited to the task.
Kulkarni further added, "The CDR Analysis System can capture and analyze calls on any network type, such as TDM, IP, or Wireless.
In addition to panel readings conducted by trained specialists, test ratings at selected locations are supplemented with eXposure Vision, a high-throughput digital imaging and analysis system developed by Dow.
One of the key theatre makers of the last century, Laban is best known for his movement analysis system but is also credited with the development of the structure of modern dance theater.
The concept is said to realize a close cooperation between the control analysis system and the rubber injection molding system.
There are three components to the system: a Rope Monitoring System with three high-speed cameras, a Rope Analysis System that uses software to detect anomalies and a Rope Reporting System that provides the inspector with a list of potential defects.
* Voith Paper Automation has been commissioned by Stora Enso, Helsinki, Finland to supply a sheet break analysis system for Paper Machine Number 5 and Coating Machine Number 5 at StoraEnso Kabel GmbH & Co.
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