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ANOMAnalysis of Means
ANOMAcute Necrotizing Otitis Media
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Caption: Figure 3 Analysis of means for yield stress--Films with a single additive
Analysis of means of the modulus of elasticity Films with a single additive
Caption: Figure 5 Analysis of Means for thickness--Films with multiple additives.
Caption: Figure 6 Analysis of Means for tear resistance--Films with multiples additives.
The analysis of means has an advantage over analysis of variance, its results can be presented graphically, making the procedure easy to explain and visualize and allowing for an assessment of practical significance as well as statistical significance.
Use of Probability Weighted Moments in the Analysis of Means. Biometrical Journal., 35(3): 371-378, (1993).
Additional uses of the Analysis of Means and Extended Tables of Critical Values.
H.Simplified factors for analysis of means when the standard deviation is estimated from the range.
Variations in proximate and mineral contents in all samples were measured by Analysis of Means (ANOM).
Analysis of means (ANOM) was applied on the data to observe the difference among the indigenous samples and the foreign varieties.
My friend suggested I look at the Analysis of Means. And was he right!
The analysis of means is much more intuitive, they say, and its graphical results clearly indicate any means that are different from the overall mean so that practical as well as statistical significance can be easily assessed, are easy for non-statisticians to understand, and shed light on the nature of the differences among the populations.
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