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AlViE is currently supported by an Italian text book on algorithms and data structures (Crescenzi, Gambosi, & Grossi, 2006), which is, as far as we know, the first book which fully integrates AV technology into the theoretical design and analysis of algorithms and data structures.
He is best known for fundamental advances in mathematical methods for the analysis of algorithms, and his research also opened new avenues in various domains of applied computer science, including streaming algorithms, communication protocols, database access methods, data mining, symbolic manipulation, text-processing algorithms, and random generation.
The NIST Matrix Market is such a Web-based repository of matrices for use in the comparative analysis of algorithms and software for numerical linear algebra.
Concentration of Multivariate Random Recursive Sequences arising in the Analysis of Algorithms.
In Proceedings of the Workshop on Probability Analysis of Algorithms (Princeton, N.
His research interests include database systems, data and file structures, and analysis of algorithms.
It is well known that many distributions that arise in the analysis of algorithms have an asymptotically fluctuating behaviour in the sense that we do not have 'full' convergence, but only convergence along suitable subsequences as the size of the input to the algorithm tends to infinity.
Early chapters cover sets, logic, relations, and functions, and later chapters introduce graph theory, analysis of algorithms, combinatorics, discrete probability, and recurrence relations.
Hester's research interests include data structures and the design and analysis of algorithms.
Average-case analysis of algorithms (Dagstuhl, 1995).
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