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AHPAir (High Pressure)
AHPAnalytical Hierarchy Process
AHPAssociation for Healthcare Philanthropy
AHPAllied Health Professions
AHPAmerican Horse Publications
AHPAssociated Health Professionals (California)
AHPAssociation for Humanistic Psychology
AHPAmerican Home Products Corporation
AHPAffordable Housing Plan (various organizations)
AHPAlpes de Haute-Provence (French region)
AHPAnimal Health Programme (UK)
AHPAgence Haitienne de Presse
AHPAmerican Herbal Pharmacopoeia
AHPArmy Heliport
AHPAccelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (Virox Technologies Inc.)
AHPAssociation Health Plan
AHPAIDS Health Project (San Francisco, CA)
AHPAccountable Health Plan
AHPAssociation of Health Plans
AHPAudio Hijack Pro (software)
AHPAustrian Hydro Power AG
AHPAnomalous Head Position
AHPAfter Hours Pub (gaming clan)
AHPAbove Head of Passes (nautical mileage)
AHPAnesthesia Healthcare Partners (est. 1998)
AHPArkansas Highway Police
AHPArmy Home Page
AHPArizona Highway Patrol
AHPArena Homme Plus (men's fashion)
AHPAustrian Help Program
AHPAir Horsepower
AHPAbnormal Head Posture
AHPEvacuation Hospital Ship (Auxiliary, Hospital, Personnel)
AHPAmerican Highway Project
AHPAfter Hours Program
AHPAlone Hunting Predators (gaming community)
AHPAllied Hydrographic Publication
AHPAcademy of Hospice Physicians
AHPAmerican Horse Publications, Inc.
AHPAdvent Health Plan
AHPAdvanced Helicopter Pilotage
AHPAverage Hole-Potential
AHPAutomatismes Hydraulique Pneumatique (French: Hydraulic Pneumatic Automations)
AHPAlpha Portland Cement Company (former stock symbol; now delisted)
AHPAuxiliary Hydraulic Power
AHPAngostura Hydroelectric Project (Costa Rica)
AHPAwards, Honors, and Prizes
AHPAverage Hydrostatic Pressure
AHPAlambic Haute Pression (French: Alembic High Pressure)
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To facilitate the ranking of large sized banks analytical hierarchy process (AHP) was used.
Consequently, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) [9] was used in this study as tool to consider these convoluted issues of site selection.
Keywords: Office Automation (OA), Key Performance Indicators KPI's, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Engineering Organization, Mathematical Modeling
As a result, the present study was conducted with the purpose of validating and prioritizing the items used for evaluating CG implementation based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) model and investigating the existence of a relationship between the MoHME defined standards and the standards that have obtained the highest AHP scores; in other words, assessing whether the MoHME standards obtained the highest AHP scores too or not.
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The specific steps of the analytical hierarchy process are shown in Table 3 below.
To gain insight into the importance of the criteria people use to select a cell phone service provider, a model of the decision making process was developed using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).
Lin identifies key ecological indicators to motivate ecological concerns in urban land consolidation in the paper in which the author develops a practical urban ecological evaluation model with four levels and twenty-three indicators, utilizing habitual domain analysis and analytical hierarchy process.
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