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ANATAustralian Network for Art and Technology (est. 1988)
ANATAnatolian (linguistics)
ANATAgence Nationale de l'Aménagement du Territoire (French)
ANATApple Network Administrator Toolkit
ANATAfrican Network Against Torture
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The tenth century also saw the decline of warrior goddesses in Israel (as well as in Transjordan), although the bloody imagery associated with Anat and her role in teaching warriors seems to shift to YHWH (pp.
(ABM, Rhodophyceae, Corallina, ESP, Portugal, SisM, Anat, Conser).
I wish Anat Hoffman and her Women of the Wall would seek sincere dialogue with the native-born residents of Jerusalem rather then forcing their way once a month with their prayer protests.
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Anat Kamm avait profite durant son service militaire obligatoire entre 2005 et 2007 de ses fonctions de Secretaire du general Yair Naveh, a l'epoque commandant de la region militaire centre pour s'emparer de quelque 2.000 documents classes "secrets" ou "top secrets"'.
She also started a blog, to share her own essays, pictures and poems about living with twins, one with and one without cerebral palsy, and share information about the Anat Baniel Method.
Abeer Baker and Anat Matar present essays written by prisoners, ex-prisoners, human rights defenders, lawyers, and academic researchers in order to ananlyze the political nature fo imprisonment and Israeli attitudes towards Palestinian prisoners.
He said: "What happened to Anat has never gone away and it's never going to go away.But speaking about it now means that she and the other victims will never be forgotten."
<![CDATA[ A disc containing top secret materials that then-soldier Anat Kam copied from the Head of Central Command's bureau 'disappeared.']]>
Classified documents reveal that the Israeli army had committed war crimes in the West Bank, Anat Kam, the former soldier indicted for espionage over an alleged theft of top secret material, told the court earlier in the year, according to police documents released allowed for publication Monday at the request of Haaretz.
An Israeli court had ruled that local media could not report Anat Kamm's detention since December for allegedly taking the documents when on mandatory military service between 2007-9.