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Chapter 1 discusses the anatomy of the brain, its function, as well as a paragraph on brain plasticity and neuronal adaptation.
Their results fly in the face of traditional views that the anatomy of the brain does not change in response to new stimuli.
Clever illustrations and clear text guide you through the anatomy of the brain, describing what parts handle your complex movement, speech, hearing, heartbeat, breathing, and digestion, and how they manage to do all that, and more, at the same time.
The guide provides background information on the anatomy of the brain, nerve cells and neurotransmission, and the effects of drugs on the brain.
Not only must jurors become familiar with the anatomy of the brain but they must also feel that plaintiff's expert thoroughly understands the anatomy of the brain, how it works, and what happens when it is injured.
Thomas Kemper, and I have been studying the anatomy of the brain in autism.
The second section details neuroanatomy, including the histology of nerve and glial cells, the autonomic nervous system, meninges of the brain and spinal cord, the ventricular system and cerebrospinal fluid, the telencephalon, the diencephalon, the brainstem, the cerebellum, blood vessels, the spinal cord, sectional anatomy of the brain, and functional systems.
After a section on the external anatomy of the brain, they present whole-brain sections in three different sets of planes and relate them to three-dimensional reconstructions.
Topics covered include gross anatomy of the brain, development, the synapse, neurochemistry, spinal cord, anatomy of the forebrain, motor systems, and higher functions.
McCann, who was formerly a British physical education teacher until he suffered a cerebellar stroke at the age of 37, outlines the symptoms of brain damage as they relate to stroke in his own experience, and explains the anatomy of the brain and its blood supply.