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ANAPAgence Nationale d'Appui à la Performance des Établissements de Santé et Médico-Sociaux (French: National Agency for Support to the Performance of Health and Medical-Social Facilities)
ANAPAnavatan Partisi (Motherland Party, Turkey)
ANAPAsociación Nacional de Agricultores Pequeños
ANAPAgence Nationale d'Appui à la Performance des Établissements de Santé et Médico-Sociaux (French: National Support Agency for the Performance of Health and Medico-Social Facilities)
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Artigiani Pensionati (Italy)
ANAPAnionic Neutrophil Activating Peptide
ANAPAirport Noise Advisory Panel
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Audioprotesisti Professionali (Italy)
ANAPAggregated Network Access Point
ANAPAttribute Not Always Present
ANAPAssisted New Attachment Procedure (Laser-ANAP dental gum treatment)
ANAPAnonymous Napster
ANAPAviation Noise Abatement Policy
ANAPAssociation Nationale des Anciens Parachutistes (Paris, France)
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Addestramento Professionale
ANAPAmmonium Nitrate Acetone Peroxide
ANAPAlaska Native Arts Program
ANAPAdministrator Needs Assessment Program
ANAPAfrica Natural Products Programme
ANAPAntennaria Aprica (low everlasting)
ANAPAgulhas Negras Anatomia Patológica
ANAPAlliance for Azerbaijan Party
ANAPActive Node Authentication Protocol
ANAPASHA National Action Plan
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Piccoli Agricoltori
ANAPAntinuclear Antibody Profile
ANAPAmerica North Architectural Products, Inc. (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)
ANAPAssociation for Assistance to Prisoners
ANAPAttitudes and Needs Assessment Project
ANAPAngolan National Agency Press (now Angola Press Agency, ANGOP)
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1983'ten itibaren Turgut Ozal'in konusmalari, mulakatlari, basin toplantilari ile Anavatan Partisi (ANAP) secim beyannameleri incelendiginde, Kuzey Irak kavraminin 1991 Korfez Savasi'na kadar Ozal'in dis politika soyleminin merkezinde bir kavram olmadigi gozlemlenebilir.
79) It was represented in the 1950s by the aforementioned Demokrat Partisi and the Adalet Partisi, in the 1960s and 1970s, the Anavatan Partisi, (ANAP, Motherlands Party) and Dogru Yol Partisi (DYP, Party of the Right Way) in the 1980s and 1990s.
ANAP: Anavatan Partisi (Motherlands Party): 1983-2007 -> fused with DYP to DP(2)
O sirada Turkiye'de iktidarda bulunan Anavatan Partisi (ANAP) Genel Baskani Turgut Ozal Avrupa Ekonomik Toplulugu'na (AET) tam uyelik basvurusunda bulunmaya karar vermistir.
55) ANAP-DSP and DTP stands for Anavatan Partisi (Motherland Party), Demokratik Sol Parti (Democratic Left Party), and Demokrat Turkiye Partisi (Democratic Turkey Party) respectively.
56) DSP-MHP and ANAP stands for Demokratik Sol Parti (Democratic Left Party), Milliyetci Hareket Partisi (Nationalist Action Party), Anavatan Partisi, (Motherland Party) respectively.
Anavatan Partisi (ANAP, Motherland Party), (55) the party which was established by the former prime minister and president the late Turgut Ozal, declined and disappeared from Turkish politics dramatically in the last two decades of Turkish politics.
In 1999 elections, Anavatan Partisi (ANAP) was not a minor party (a party which was unable to surpass the 10 percent national threshold).
The opposition parties in the same period were Motherland Party (MP, Anavatan Partisi, center-right), RPP, Democratic Left Party (DLP, Demokratik Sol Parti, center-left), Nationalist Movement Party (NMP, Milliyetci Hareket Partisi, center-right) and Welfare Party (WP, Refah Partisi, pro-Islamic).