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William Malcolm, the literary director of the Grassic Gibbon Centre, said: "Daryll and Rhea acquired a deep affection for the unspoilt rural countryside and the distinctive red clay soil of their forebears, as well as developing an understanding of their parents' social and cultural legacy back in Scotland, regularly revisiting their ancestral roots in Kincardineshire and lending sterling support to the Grassic Gibbon Centre."
And three years later, Mission Commander Neil Alden Armstrong - the first man on the moon - visited Langholm because of his ancestral roots to the town, GilnockieTower at Canonbie which is the seat of Clan Armstrong, and stayed with the Duke of Buccleuch.
They have ancestral roots in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, so there is no difference if you call them the Uighur Pakistani community or the Ex-Chinese Communit: both refer to the same community, who are citizens of but are also historically descendants of Chinese Xinjiang-based Uighurs who migrated to Pakistan.
Mayo County Council welcomed the news that he is planning the visit to explore his ancestral roots.
All this history is again encapsulated in a single, all-encompassing family photo, which has been treasured, reproduced and passed on through five generations, and painstakingly explained to the members of each succeeding one for a better appreciation of their ancestral roots.
Her most recent work is inspired by the vistas and wildlife of Kaskaskia Island, where her maternal ancestral roots originate.
The festival represents a return to ancestral roots for many visitors now living outside of the province, who grew up catching fish with traditional tools like bamboo baskets and traps.
My wife's ancestral roots are in Kerala, though she has never lived in that state, and she is always proud of the fact the women in this southern state are more literate than others in the rest of the country and enjoy all their rights.
Millions of Filipinos, including President Duterte and several of his predecessors, trace part of their ancestral roots to China.
Noting that the indigenous peoples of Taiwan and the Maori of New Zealand have been genetically proved to share the same ancestral roots, Lardelli expressed his excitement at performing in Taiwan for the first time and believes it serves as an opportunity for the two sides to exhibit their own indigenous traits.
With ancestral roots in India, the Roma migrated to Europe in the 10th century and have a history marked by persecution.
Huma Adnan sought to pay tribute to her ancestral roots in India with 'Tales of Dehradun' with her first wedding wear collection in which she experimented with fabric, colour and technique.