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(54) Under Anchorage Municipal Code Section 08.05.060, pretrial diversion agreements typically require the defendant to pay a fine or do community work service (CWS).
The vast majority of defendants, 93%, were charged with one of four modal crimes in ascending order: (1) driving without insurance (DWOI); (2) theft under fifty dollars; (3) theft over fifty dollars; and (4) misconduct involving a controlled substance in the sixth degree (i.e., Anchorage Municipal Code Section 9.28.303(A)) (MICS 6).
He's referring to the Anchorage Municipal Code Title 21, which outlines the zoning and housing laws for Anchorage--essentially the builder's rules when constructing.
For roughly a dozen years, Anchorage municipal officials, residents, and elected and appointed citizens have been working to develop a new set of rules governing land use regulations, an updated version of Anchorage Municipal Code Title 21.
As required by the Anchorage Municipal Code, CEA (as well as MEA) must dedicate resources to move a portion of its municipal overhead lines underground.
Known as Title 21 (referring to its place in the Anchorage Municipal Code), the new land-use code of regulations will lay out the rules for land development for many years to come.
The Anchorage Municipal Code provides for tax exemptions pertaining to property and inventory for economic development.
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